How We Can Help

Who are Proadvice?

Here at Proadvice, our aim is to offer great customer service, quality advice and access to affordable insurance with our experienced team of protection specialists and customer support.

Proadvice offer you quotes from the whole of the market with full impartial advice on the best products available, with plans designed to suit you. With our price guarantee we promise we will not be beaten.

The wealth of experience our specialist advisers possess enables them to explain and recommend the right products for you and therefore avoid any disappointment if the need for you or your family to claim did arise.

At Proadvice, we make it our job to understand all of the policies inside out and understand the small print, so you can have complete peace of mind with your policy.

When buying insurance it is essential to find the right insurance company based on your health, hobbies, and your lifestyle as this will have a major impact on the final premium you will pay.

It is our job to find you the right insurance company with the very best cover for your circumstances and to also find you the most competitive rates in the marketplace today.

Here at Proadvice we will not charge you a fee for the services we provide and can assist you on all elements of your personal protection from life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection.

Why Proadvice?

Our sole aim at Proadvice is to advise and recommend the best polices for you should the worst happen. People come to Proadvice to ensure that when they take out a protection plan, they are going to be adequately covered. We have years of experience in reading the small print, in fact we love the small print. It is one of the factors that make Proadvice stand out from the crowd. Proadvice are able to advise you of the plans most suited to your circumstances and let you know what you are covered for and just as importantly what you are not covered for so you can have complete confidence in the policy before committing to taking out the plan. The protection industry is an industry that wants to pay out. Last year was a big year for pay-outs, although to achieve this it is important to know how to set your plan up correctly. 

We know that contemplating the future may not be a priority to you and there may be more interesting things to be doing than considering what type of insurance may be suitable for you, however, we at Proadvice know how important it is to get it right. No one knows what the future holds but knowing that if something did happen, your family will be looked after can ease your mind.

The insurance and financial industry is not known for its simplicity and people can often have difficulty understanding the jargon. Please do not hesitate to call Proadvice for our help with this.

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