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  • Get the best deal. We offer independent protection advice to find the best policy for you.
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Health Insurance

Why Proadvice?

Hello and welcome to Proadvice.  Our sole aim is to advise and recommend the best polices for you should the worst happen.

Not knowing what is around the corner brings great joy to many people.  Who doesn’t like a nice surprise?  But what happens when the surprise isn’t a pleasant one?  Have you ever wondered what would happen if you died unexpectedly or became critically ill?

Imagine you have bought that lovely house you have had your heart set on and when taking out the mortgage you decided to take out a critical illness plan

And now the worst has happened……….

Picture the scene; you have shooting pains in your arm and are being rushed to hospital. 

  • You think you may be having a heart attack.
  • The Paramedic in the ambulance tells you you’re having a heart attack,
  • The ER nurse tells you you’re having a heart attack,
  • The Doctor treating you tells you you’re having a heart attack,
  • The Cardiologist tells you you’re having a heart attack. 

You now remember that when you took out the mortgage, you took out critical illness cover too.  While in hospital, you check your paperwork and good news, you are covered for heart attacks.  Obviously, you would now expect your policy to pay out, wouldnt you?

A letter arrives a few days later and the first paragraph from the insurer confirms what the Paramedic, ER nurse, Doctor and Cardiologist has told you, the insurer knows you have had a heart attack.  However, it is not one of the types of heart attacks this insurer covers. 

You have had the wrong kind of heart attack! 

We ensure this does not happen to Proadvice customers. People come to Proadvice to ensure that when they take out a critical illness plan, they are going to be covered.  We have years of experience reading the small print, in fact we consider ourselves experts in the small print!  It is one of the things that make us stand out from the crowd.  We can advise you of the plans most suited to your circumstances and let you know what you are covered for and just as importantly, what you are not, so you have complete peace of mind before you take out the plan.  The protection industry is an industry that wants to pay.  Last year was a big year for critical illness pay outs and it is therefore important to know that your plan has been set up correctly. 

We know there are more interesting and exciting things to be doing than taking out insurance however; we know how important it is to get it right.  To some the insurance and financial industry is not known for its simplicity and can be difficult to understand literature.  Our advisers can help you with your enquiry.

Value of Advice

Did you know…

There are two ways of buying insurance – ‘with advice’ and ‘without advice’.

So here’s the big problem...

Whenever someone buys online from a price comparison website or from their local bank, this is generally done as a non-advised sale.

So basically, if you’ve bought the wrong policy or there are problems with claiming (or worse, it doesn’t pay out) – it could be your fault and you may have no right to claim compensation.

However, if you buy insurance with advice it’s a bit like having a warranty on your insurance policy, giving you complete peace of mind that if anything goes wrong you are protected.

The main banks and building societies used to sell insurance with ‘advice’ which meant they were happy to accept full liability. However because the advice they gave wasn’t appropriate, most customers have managed to claim their money back plus interest  - £1.9billion paid in 2011 (1)

1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-17792044

Since this has happened, many banks and online insurance services no longer give advice and therefore often accept no liability, leaving clients out in the cold.

So if, like us, you believe in having the right policy, by having excellent advice from someone you trust, and with the peace of mind of having your rights protected – always, always get your insurance ‘with advice’.

Insurance Companies getting a bad reputation for non-advice sales.

If you bought a kit car from Ferrari you are given two choices.  You can take it to a garage to have it put together for you or you can do it yourself. 

Now, who do you think would do a better job? 

Once built, you start driving and 100 meters down the road it falls apart. Who do you blame?

Most people would agree it is the person who put the car together that is to blame, not Ferrari. After all, there was nothing wrong with the Ferrari parts supplied.

Now, with insurance it seems the general perception is that it is the insurance company who are to blame when things go wrong, not the person who put the plan together.  

Choosing a policy without advice would be like putting a kit car together yourself.  If the plan didn’t pay out, the tax man got hold of your payout or there was an exclusion you were not made aware of, the blame is entirely with you.   When this happens, people blame the insurers not themselves.  I am sure you have heard of cases where plans have not paid out due to the broker not setting the plan up correctly or someone doing it online themselves. 

By using an advice-based broker like Proadvice, you know your policy is fully protected and will be the right one for you.  In the unlikely event that it did not do what you expected the plan to do, the broker would take full responsibility and ensure you are protected.  

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Who are Proadvice?

Here at Proadvice, our aim is to offer a professional service with our team of Protection Specialists and customer support. The Company was established with an aim to offer great customer service, quality advice and affordable insurance.  We offer you quotes with full impartial advice on some of the best products, with plans designed for you. With our price guarantee, we promise we will not be beaten.

The wealth of experience our specialist advisers possess enables them to explain and recommend the right products for you, to avoid any disappointment if the need for you or your family to claim did arise.

We make it our job to understand all of the policies inside out and understand the small print, so you can have complete peace of mind with your policy.  When buying insurance it is essential to find the right insurer based on your health, hobbies, and your lifestyle as this will have a major effect on the final premium you will pay.

It is our job to find you the right insurer with the very best cover for your circumstances and to also find you the most competitive rates in the marketplace today.

Proadvice we will not charge you a fee for the services we provide and can assist you on all elements of your personal protection from Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection needs

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Price Guarantee

Here at Proadvice, we are so confident we have secured the best rates possible from all the insurers that if you take out a policy with us and then find it cheaper elsewhere and if it is a genuine like for like policy, we will match it and give you £50.

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