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Building and Contents Insurance

What is it?

B&C is the insurance you take out to protect your home, for example, should someone steal your television or your roof collapses.  The insurance will pay out money to repair your home or replace your contents.  Depending on your circumstances you may need to speak to a specialist adviser.   Building and Contents is classed as general insurance.  General insurance covers events that may or may not happen, such as accident, fire or theft, as opposed to life assurance, which covers an event that will definitely happen at some point, such as retirement or death.

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What is covered by Buildings insurance and what is covered by contents insurance?

If you could turn your house upside down and shake it, everything that falls out, your furniture, electric equipment and white goods would be considered as contents.  When you claim on the contents part of your plan, the insurer allows you to repair or replace the item.  Options such as new for old or indemnity can be chosen to suit every budget. 

The things that would be left behind such as pipes, windows and the bricks would count as buildings insurance.  The insurer will cover these items if the roof is damaged by a storm or the pipes burst.  The insurer can arrange a workman to get out to your home no matter what time of day or night.  Its aim is to cover the repair or damage.  Some insurers will cover the additional costs too such as the hotel bill while repairs are being carried out or the call out charges to the plumber at 3am.

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Do I need it?

The modern home is full of gadgets and gismos that most people take for granted.  Televisions, laptops and washing machines have become part of everyday life.  These are expensive items and many people cannot just replace them at a moments notice should they get stolen or broken.  A call out charge for a plumber in the middle of the night can be expensive and that is even before he starts work!  The insurer can provide you with help and support to ensure that you can get back on your feet.  With knowledge that the building and its contents are covered, you can get on with living your life and enjoying your home.  At Proadvice we lead the way in Building and Contents insurance for new buyers, renewals and landlords.  We also have access to specialist insurers who can help you with self builds, unoccupied home insurance, homes on flood plains and non-standard builds and subsidence insurance. 

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The facts

So, you think you are covered for fire, theft and damage? Recent research shows that 6.8 million households are under insured by a figure of approximately £200 billion. The average household contents are shown below:

  • £10,000 of clothes
  • £4,000 worth of furniture
  • £3,000 worth of electrical items
  • £2,000 white goods
  • £1,800 jewellery

However, many people turn a blind eye to the true nature of their home and its worth. They only realise they are under insured when they go to make a claim. The insurers only insure a percentage value of your goods. If you have contents insurance for £25,000 but your possessions are worth £50,000 you only receive half of your claim of your contents, even if you are claiming for less than £25,000. If you have underinsured yourself by 50% then the insurance will only pay out on 50% of the claim's worth.  This is called condition of average which means that you may not get the full amount of cover as you have underestimated how much your stuff is worth.

You may think you are saving money by being under insured however, it could cost you much more in the long term.

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