Earn you and your friend £25

When you recommend an individual or company who becomes a client, we'll send you £25 as a token of our appreciation. Please note there is a maximum of £300 limit (12 referrals) to be paid within 12 months period. So start earning today.

Refer a friend Terms and Conditions

Pro Advice Financial Services Limited offers the Refer a Friend scheme under a ‘fair play’ policy in line with FCA’s ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ initiative that Proadvice have adopted.

  • The Proadvice referral incentive payment is £25 for the introducer and £25 for the referred friend.
  • The referred friend must provide Proadvice with their own details.  By doing so they are giving consent for Proadvice to make contact to discuss their financial requirements.
  • We cannot accept Referrals from a third party.
  • Referral incentives will only be paid after three consecutive payments of the new policy has been received.
  • Once both the referred friend and the introducer’s policies have started (“placed on risk”) Proadvice will post a cheque for £25 to both households. Transactions are usually confirmed after 90 days and should become payable 120 days after the start date.
  • Referral incentives will only apply to new customers. A referral incentive will not be paid in the event that the person referred already appears on the Proadvice database.
  • Referral incentives will only be paid should the referred person purchase a policy within 3 months of the initial contact instigated by the referral.
  • A referral is only payable on the first policy purchased and not on any subsequent policies purchased thereafter, regardless of the time passed between the first and second transaction.
  • The person who has been referred, if not contacted directly by a Proadvice member of staff, must state the name and Address of the person who has referred them when calling in externally. Proadvice cannot reward any person under the ‘refer a friend scheme’ if such details cannot be offered.
  • Proadvice reserves the right to refuse payment of a referral incentive in instances of suspected abuse.
  • Proadvice reserve the right to amend or withdraw the ‘refer a friend scheme’ at any time.
  • Proadvice accepts no liability for delayed issue of any referral incentive.
  • No alternative will be made/offered to the publicised referral incentive.
  • Referral incentives are non-transferrable.
  • Minimum premium for a policy to be accepted under the ‘refer a friend scheme’ is £20 per month.
  • Both Polices should be kept for at least 24 months or the incentive should be refunded.
  • Due to the nature of insurance, we cannot guarantee that the insurer will offer terms or terms that are acceptable to both parties.
  • A household can only be referred once.  Proadvice reserve the right not to pay a referral fee if the household has already been referred.
  • A recommendation is classed per household no matter how many policies are taken out within the household.
  • The offer is from Proadvice and is not part of your insurance policy.
  • If your name or address change during the term of your policy, please ensure you inform us so that your cheque can be sent to the correct address in the correct name as we will only issue one cheque per payment and it will be sent to the address we have in our system, in the name we have in the system.
  • Only one cheque will be issued to you for each referral. Cheques will not be re-issued.
  • Cheques must be cashed within 6 months of the date stated on them. If the cheque has not been cashed within this time it will become invalid.

If you are interested, please fill in our recommend a friend form.

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